i know you still love him. i know you read locked texted messages. i know you want to go to school telling everyone your over him. i know you wait by your phone. i know you get excited when it rings. i know you cry. i know you cry that it hurts too much. i know you listen to the saddest songs. all the breakup songs. i know you spend another hour in the morning just incase you run to him. i know you're on AIM just hoping he would sign in and talk to you. i know if both of you are on, you just wait there. block everyones IMs. I know you want to yell at him for everything he did. i know you dream and think that things will get better and he would apologize and youd forgive him. i know you read all his i loveyous. his i miss yous. everything. i know you wouldnt compare him to any other guy. you just think hes yours.i know you cant imagine him with anyone else. i know you cant imagine yourself with anyone either. i know you come to witty. i know you just cry yourself to sleep. i know. trust me. this is my life story. im in this big mess. that i dont need. but heres the thing. listen to me. & listen. you need to hear this.. he doesnt love you anymore.. he erased those text messages from you much too long ago. he goes to school telling everyone hes done with you and means it. he couldnt care less if his phones ring. hes a boy. he does not cry. he laughs. hes not hurt at all. he goes on AIM to talk to his buddies. he doesnt listen to break up songs. he listens to whatevers on. again, hes a boy. he doesnt care about you anymore. he doesnt care if he sees you again. he wont aplogize because hes stuborn. he has none of your messages. he didnt get those butterflies when you said you loved him unlike you, you got those butterflies. he compares you. to all the girls. hes always imagining himself with somebody else. someone better.. he has no fucking clue what witty is, i guarentee that. but do not let this ruin you. in time, things will get better. already, youre slowly forgetting him. youre better than him. you dont need him. dont spend a second worrying about someone who doesnt love you anymore, or never did. its not worth it. because later on, you will find a boy, who would never do such a thing to you. and you will question yourself about him. so keep your head high. and show them teeth and smile. because sweetheart, you deserve to.